I always value your gifts; you make me feel very special knowing that you thought of me before or after our time together.
I am a very grateful woman. Please allow me to let you know what I like:

• Dress (size 4-6),
• Lingerie (34-D, small bottom) and stockings (M)
• High heels (size 8.5, Guess, Jessica Sympson, Jimmychoo)
• Hand bags (Michael Kohrs, Coach)
• Perfumes (Euphoria, Fendi, Cartier, strong, not floral or sweet)
• Jewelry sets (1” or longer not heavy earrings, silver, platinum white or yellow gold)
• Jared gift card
• White flowers only if I am visiting you at your place
• I don’t eat chocolates

• Gifts I REALLY want...

• Gifts I will appreciate...

(If you are ordering from Amazon.com you can order online and it will arrive to a place where I can pick it up or you can surprise me when we meet).

I hope that in your wish list there is a dazzling gift for you to unwrap too!