Here are some observations to make our date safe and gratifying for both of us. Keep them in mind so we can focus on enjoying ourselves when we meet.

Don't mention any specific details about our encounter by email, text or phone. Once I have screened you thoroughly you can call me any time to plan our date. Please be sure to check in with me by email or phone at least 4 hr. prior to our gathering.

I want our encounter to be discreet as much as you do; once I feel safe you will enjoy the best of me. If we are meeting in public, I will need to know more about you so we look good together.

I respect your time., I will always be on time, keep our appointment and show up fresh and enthusiastic. I expect the same from you. Please be a gentleman, have my complete donation in an unsealed envelope on your bathroom vanity, I will collect it discreetly, then we can start our date. Please don't hand it to me as it ruins the mood.

Please note our rendezvous will continue as long as you respect my safety rules, the name that you gave me matches your picture ID and I don’t feel uncomfortable at all.

I am drug, disease free and drink wisely, if you are not I will have to leave or will request you leave immediately. I don’t allow pictures or videos of any kind.

I will be freshly showered, perfumed and dressed elegantly and sexy for you. I will expect the same from you. A morning shower is not enough, it is a big turn off for me, I can always wait a few minutes for you. Wash your hands and use mouthwash or have a mint, even if you think you don’t need it; if you are visiting me I’ll have those handy. I will do the same.

Shorts, flip-flops, baseball caps and a careless look will turn me off. I am attracted to neat men that prefer to be all shaved or well trimmed.

Don't use loud voice greeting of calling me, be aware of who is watching you. Let's leave the initial questions for when we are in a private setting. Please be respectful of my time and allow me to leave gracefully when our session is over. If you would like to extend our date let me know at any time, I will ratify if is possible, then provide me the rest of my donation so we can continue our sparkling tryst.

Now let's visualize how pleasurable our meeting will be while we seduce each other senses. Anticipation is a great motivation for me... and I believe for you too!